EMR vs EHR (Electronic medical record and Electronic Health record)

This is one of the most confusing topics as many people assume things. In order to understand the difference, read the following statements carefully. While you are reading, see the emphasized words health and medical:

  • Sunil did a blood test at Pooja hospital and got a medical report of his sugar levels.
  • Sunil also did X-ray scan at Sai center and received his medical report for his chest.
  • Sunil’s Family doctor then determined the overall health of Mr. Sunil by looking at the medical reports of Blood test and Scan.

Medical reports come from a provider while for concluding the overall health we need multiple medical reports from multiple providers.

EMR is a digitized version of patient medication and treatment from a particular provider or clinic (doctor, nurse, physician etc.). EMR is not designed to be shared outside the premise.  While EHR is patient medication, treatment, history etc. information contributed by various providers and meant to communicate between various providers. So EHR is EMR data which travels through various providers.

 Below is one fine short video explained to understand the difference between EMR ( Electronic Medical record) vs EHR(Electronic health record)